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The “Perfect Workout”

AHA!!!  So, the title caught your eye? I was really hopin’ to get your attention. The “perfect workout” has nothing to do with perfection. No, it won’t make you look like Jillian Michaels or Tony Horton after one go round. What it will do is provide an alternative exercise routine when going to the gym isn’t an option. The “perfect workout” is all about simplicity, convenience and effectiveness. It only requires your fitness gear, commitment and total concentration.

Let me give some insight. I normally workout during the lunch hour ( Noon-1:00p.m.), it breaks up the day and pumps me up for the afternoon. (BTW, it also curbs the appetite… if ya know what I mean) On this particular day, I had no desire to go to the fitness center,  jump on the treadmill or hit the weights. So I thought, what could I do right here, right now to get in a great workout. After some thought, this is what I came up with. It’s uses bodyweight exercises and cardio, works every major muscle group (Chest, Back, Shoulders, Core, Arms and Legs) and it’s kinda fun if you do it with conviction.

The “Perfect Workout”

*** Note: This routine is a “circuit” routine (doing each exercise in sequence), no resting in between … the intensity is up to you!

**   For you advanced fitness freaks… feel free to add Lunges or Burpees (Squat- Thrusts) to the mix.

~ 5 minutes of light stretching

~ 20 “perfect” squats

~ 20 “perfect” push-ups

~ 20 “perfect” crunches

Depending on how you feel ( listen to your body, it’s a great guide ) complete 2-3 circuits. If your a beginner vary the repetitions to your fitness level.  Don’t burn yourself out, but make it challenging!

OK, you’re probably asking ” What’s a perfect push-up?”  It’s simple. This is where perfection comes into play. Every exercise requires proper form to be effective.  This is where meditation meets boot camp. Concentrate on every movement, keep your back straight, your core engaged and feel your muscles work.  Be slow and smooth. Be Perfect! You’ll experience a very satisfying burn after each circuit. The squats work your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves and core muscles. The push-ups work the chest, back, shoulders, arms and, if done correctly, the core also. Obviously, the crunches attack the core muscles, which, probably is the most important muscle group in your body. And, all three exercises address the core.

But, don’t stop there!     Now… grab your cap, sun glasses and enthusiasm. We’re headed out for a 20 minute “power walk”.

Again, this is what works for me. You can individualize the cardio portion of “the perfect workout” to your preferences. If you like running, go for it. If your a fitness walker, that works too! The main thing is getting in at least 20 minutes of cardio. To keep it fresh, have several routes to choose from. A change of scenery or a more challenging path ( i.e. hilly ) just adds to the workout experience.

*** I’ve included some helpful videos for the people who are just starting a fitness program.

The “perfect workout” is designed for simplicity (no weights, mats, benches or balls), convenience (any time of day, 30-35 minutes max of workout time) and effectiveness ( working all the major muscle groups and including cardio to give a total body fitness experience). It’s great for all you extremely busy working professionals, stay-at- home moms or dads ( if they’re old enough, get the kids involved) or home business entrepreneurs, who want an exhilarating workout, but either don’t have much time or the desire to run to their local fitness club. You, my friends, make the “perfect workout” perfect. By giving your maximum effort, and concentrating on performing the movements flawlessly, the “perfect workout” can be a powerful tool in your fitness arsenal.