Design Your Life…

The Art of Design

When design is mentioned, we immediately think architecture, or maybe fashion, or possibly automotive, or art.  But every aspect of our lives has a blueprint. Design rears its’ creative “head” in nearly all we do. From lifestyle choices, personal tastes and style, all have the element of design. Design is always evolving… life experiences, preferences and even our dreams enter the equation. Personal design is dependent on “what works for me”. What gives us pleasure and satisfaction. What fulfills our expectations and desires.

Using our creative talent gives a seemingly mundane life, adventure, excitement and pleasure. Isn’t that what art is all about…the art of life. Recognizing reality, and creatively escaping into a world of beauty, fantasy and dreams. Concocting a game plan (blueprint). Then passionately pursuing your aspirations. I believe, that’s what drives artists to produce their particular craft. Painting. Sculpture. Photography. Architecture. Fashion. They’re all interpretations of the individual. It’s what makes each and every one of us unique.

I know it’s cliche but,

Life is Art

Design your life…

A website should be a reflection of you or your business. Taking the time to determine your personal style, preferences and expectations can make a difference in the websites success. That’s my priority and it should be yours…


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A free-spirited optimist who especially enjoys sports, fitness, wellness and anything to do with food and cooking. I'm a "life junkie" who sees huge potential in each and every day. Life is a gift, never waste a precious second of it! View all posts by jai warren

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